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Grow $700 dollars worth of fresh produce in just
10x10 feet?
Don't have the time for classes?
Bill can help!

It has been proven that you can grow up to $700 worth of fresh produce in just 100 square feet (10x10 feet). Imagine growing enough food to feed your family for most of the year in just a 10x10 ft space.

Bill Griffin, a local native, owner of Griffins Organics and founder of GOSI, has been growing food organically for over 45 years. He has been growing produce by this method for over 25 years. The class has very little theory and is mostly "get down and get your hands dirty" type practical info.

This power workshop is 4-6 hours long (depending on questions and participation) and covers about the first half of Bill's gardening class. Everything on how to get your garden up and running, as well as companion plantings (they help your plants and confuse the bugs), and using bugs to fight bugs (aka bugs: the good, the bad, and the just plain weird).

The cost for this workshop, $50 (per person/couple - $20 for tuition and $30 for supplies), covers the 2 books that Bill uses in his classes and all the other supplies for the workshop. The workshop will help you and your family for a lifetime.

The workshop starts March 10, 2017, at the Griffin Farm (67445 Hess Road, Edwardsburg, MI) at 1 pm. Class size is limited, so enroll now:

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