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What the heck is GOSI?

The Griffins Organics Sustainability Institute (GOSI for short) is an up-and-coming place to learn about better (and for the most part less expensive) ways to grow food, manage finances, and live life.

We are located North of Edwardsburg, MI at 67445 Hess Road on just over 80 acres of a beautiful old family farm. This family farm is currently being rebuilt and will give you the opportunity to see, first-hand what it takes to bring an old farm back to life.

We will be starting things off with classes in organic gardening and seed saving, but will soon be expanding into such things as classes and workshops on soap making, solar panel construction, weaning yourself off the power grid (without being left in the dark and cold) and small woodlot management.

Eventually, we will be including classes and workshops on managing fruit orchards, sustainable finances, and animal husbandry (with such topics as how to get your goat without the goat getting you).

For the most part, all our classes and workshops will be of the "get down and get your hands dirty" type of instruction that our founder is so well known for.

Our Mission Statement:

GOSI's mission is to help people live happier and healthier, and with more money in their pocket, by teaching them how to better take care of themselves and the planet.

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