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Some pictures from around the farm:

Here are some pictures from around the farm. I am listing them as "before" pictures as we will be making changes to most of the buildings. As the changes are made, I will post "after" pics.

We will start off with the inspiration for our logo - Our windmill.
our windmill

As you can see the grape vines, having laid fallow for several years, are trying to take over the windmill tower. We will be cutting these away starting late winter/early spring 2015.

our main barn

Here is the main barn on the farm. It has been here some 75 years. It needs some work on the doors (sliding tracks cleaned out and greased and actual door repairs) as well as some trees cut away from the building itself. Most likely the roof will need a little work as well. Other than that, the barn is still solid and sound.This will be the location of our main solar power plant to power the farm "off-grid".

sidney's house

Not long after my father died, My sister Randy got my mother a small Norwich Terrier named "Ketka's Gettum Sidney" or "Sidney" for short. Sidney was my mother's in-house companion for several years until my mother found out she was allergic to pet dander. Mom had to move Sidney out of the house. She set up a place for him (protected from the elements) in an old chicken coop. He had a place to run and play outside the building, a warm bed inside the building and seems quite happy. But Sidney was getting old and he had a stroke that paralyzed one whole side of his body. Rather than have him suffer, my mother had him put to sleep.

Though it pains me to say it, Sidney's house is now in such bad shape that it will have to be torn down. The plan is to build another shed on the same location. So, Sidney will have a new house for his spirit to play in.

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